2014 State Show Schedule of Events


We are the 2013 State Show Pleasure Champions!!!

We have continued to hold our title since 2006 as HIGH-POINT PLEASURE CHAMPIONS of the Georgia Federation of Saddle Clubs State Show!  Congratulations to everyone for their dedication and hard work throughout the years!

Individual Winners

Natalie Eckert
5th Arena Race 1-12

Kara Fuller
5th Arena Race 13-19

Erin Corley
5th Cloverleaf 1-12

Kate Whiting
1st Adult Showmanship – 20 & Over
2nd Western Walk Trot – 20 & Over
3rd Western Pleasure Ladies - 20 & Over
2nd Adult Reining – 20 & Over
5th English Walk Trot – 20 & Over
6th English Equitation – 20 & Over

Suzanne Brett
3rd Adult Showmanship – 20 & Over
3rd English Pleasure – 20 & Over
2nd English Equitation – 20 & Over

Ann Laughhunn
5th Adult Showmanship – 20 & Over

Jamie Lizama
3rd Western Walk Trot – 20 & Over
4th Western Pleasure Ladies - 20 & Over

Jessica Nguyen
6th Western Horsemanship Ladies - 20 & Over

Darrell Cline
1st Adult Style Racking
4th Adult Flatshod Racking
6th Adult Country Pleasure Racking

Becky Siniard
2nd Adult Style Racking
3rd Adult Flatshod Racking
4th Adult Country Pleasure Racking

Randy Siniard
4th Adult Style Racking
2nd Adult Flatshod Racking
5th Adult Country Pleasure Racking

Allison Witt
5th Adult Style Racking
6th Adult Flatshod Racking

Megan Auzenne
3rd Adult Style Racking

Dani Nix
5th Adult Flatshod Racking
2nd Adult Country Pleasure Racking

Seth Laughhunn
3rd Youth Halter – 19 & Under
1st Western Pleasure – 12 & Under

Dustin Rodgers-Vanwyke
1st Youth Showmanship – 19 & Under
4th Western Horsemanship 13-19
4th English Walk Trot – 19 & Under
5th English Pleasure 13-19

Rachel McConathy
2nd Youth Showmanship – 19 & Under
6th Western Walk Trot – 19 & Under
4th Western Pleasure 13-19
2nd English Equitation 13-19

Abby L’Hoste
2nd Western Walk Trot – 19 & Under
1st English Equitation 13-19

Miranda McIntyre
5th Western Pleasure – 12 & Under
2nd Princess Contest
3rd English Pleasure – 12 & Under
1st English Equitation – 12 & Under

Hannah Hollingsworth
6th Western Pleasure – 12 & Under

Zina Chatman
5th Western Pleasure 13-19
2nd Queen Contest

Kiersten Carlisle
4th Western Horsemanship – 12 & Under
3rd English Equitation – 12 & Under

Katie Russell
2nd English Walk Trot – 19 & Under
5th English Equitation 13-19

Abby Williams
5th English Pleasure Pony

Logan Witt
1st Youth Style Racking
2nd Youth Flatshod Racking
2nd Youth Country Pleasure Racking

Tyler Brugh
2nd Youth Style Racking
3rd Youth Flatshod Racking
3rd Youth Country Pleasure Racking

Hannah Corley
6th Youth Style Racking
4th Youth Flatshod Racking
4th Youth Country Pleasure Racking

Emily Morrell
4th Youth Style Racking




Everyone -                                                                                                                                   

Please be sure to bring a copy of your horses’ current coggins to the shows. A copy of your horses’ current coggins is required with entry.  You MUST have a current coggins on each horse you bring onto the show grounds.  A horse without current coggins should not be unloaded from trailer.

ATTN clip art

We do require you to show current coggins at each show.